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About ContactsApp

Our App

More than 12 million professionals and users rely on ContactsApp to find each other. ContactsApp is designed to be the first, free, fully transparent, and simple to use professionals search engine.


We are not taking "fees", hiding professional's contact details, or bidding a "request" on your behalf. ContactsApp is designed to be as simple as your native Contacts app, but just a little smarter and modern, allowing you to easily discover the trusted professionals in your life, and your connections to them.

Our Mission

We believe that there's a third network. A network that connects consumers with the professionals in their life. Your Real Estate Agent, your Accountant, or your Plumber are not with you on Facebook or LinkedIn. They are part of a yet-to-be-digitized network we are trying to build.

We believe that with such a network in place, users will find the professionals they need through the people they already trust - their friends and community.

Our mission is to map the worlds work relationships and make them accessible and useful.

Our Team

ContactsApp was founded by Tzachi Benayoun and Adam Benayoun, previously with Google, and Unit 8200. Joined by a team of the best of the best we all work together to bring build, what we believe, is a new type of network. 


Reach out to us via LinkedIn or the contact form on our site at a anytime. 

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