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Simple and Powerful

ContactsApp is designed to be the simplest and richest search engine for local professionals. Join over 12 million professionals and users who do business on ContactsApp.


At it's core, ContactsApp is a search engine that crawls the web for the most relevant information on any Professional. Each professional has an enriched information card that let's you make your due diligence quick and simple.  When you are ready to get in touch with a professional, you'll have all their contact information ready for you to use. No hidden phone numbers, emails, or contact details. It's all there for you to use. 

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While it's fun to find a friend recommendation for a Pro. Recommendations are exchanged within online communities such as Whatsapp Groups, Facebook Groups, or distribution lists. 

ContactsApp makes it simple to collect and organize community recommendations making sure they are never lost, and always accessible online via the app or the Web.

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9 out of 10 times, local professionals will be hired based on a referral from a friend. We believe that referrals from friends beat all ranking algorithms. 

With ContactsApp you'll know who your friends recommends, how many friends recommend and how are you connected to professionals on the network.

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ContactsApp is intuitively designed with simplicity in mind. You'll find a many small things you'll appreciate and find fun to use.

  • Bookmark Pros you want to get back to later

  • Easily add new Pros you loved

  • Message other users to ask for reference

  • Collaborate with other users on recommendations lists

  • ...and much more!

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